Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our Company offers cleaning services for different types of rugs, including all traditional Asian hand knotted rugs, Machine made rugs, Handmade rugs, Oriental, Persian rug or wool rug, acrylic rugs, Silk and etc. Our clients can choose from two types of cleaning techniques – dry rug cleaning and wet rug cleaning.

Rug bring brightens and home comfort, but it can goes very dirty as times goes by.

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We use the latest equipment and years of experience so we would achieve the best cleaning possible.

There are many steps that need to be implemented in cleaning your area and oriental rugs:

1. Pre-Inspection – We will check your rug for discoloration of the dies, stains, odors and any pre-existing wear and tear. We will explain you the procedure of oriental and area rug cleaning and what results you should anticipate.

2. Dusting – Our dedicated rug cleaners use compressed air to remove dirt and dust that are deep down within your rug.

3. Pre-Treatment – The experienced carpet cleaners will use special techniques and delicate green biodegradable products to pre-treat vine, urine, and other spots.

4. Pre-Cleaning – Delicate, but powerful solution is sprayed on the sites of heavy traffic. It will allow the dirt particles to be broken down, so our carpet cleaners will be able to remove the soil without damaging your rug.

5. Washing – Some antique rugs, oriental rugs and other very delicate rugs will be washed by hand only. At this stage, your rugs will be washed with special shampoo then we will rinse it with water.

6. Drying – Our experienced technicians will leave your rugs flat for a couple of hours and only then they will hang it. It is especially important for oriental rug cleaning because improper technique in this drying stage could damage very delicate rug pile.

7. Post-Inspection – We will recheck your oriental and area rug inch by inch so there are no stains left (unless it’s permanent spots). Our skilled technicians will post-groom your area or oriental rug so it will look as good as new or even better.

We brings the quality Area and Oriental rug cleaning service. We are very proud of the work we provide to your home.


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  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning

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